Big Finish brings us our friends from the 11th Doctor era to audio to investigate and battle mysterious otherworldly forces on the streets of Victorian London.

The Cars That Ate London! By Jonathan Morris

Electric cars are on the streets of old London town, something Madam Vastra (Neve Macintosh) knows is way ahead of this time period. Meanwhile a nearby power plant experiences outages and local industrialist Fabian Solak is coming up with a vision for the city also out of kilter with the time period. Can Vastra, Jenny (Carlin Stewart) and Strax (Dan Starky) save the day and keep human progress at its rightful pace?

This story does just what it needs to. We are reintroduced to Who our characters are, we get to have a feeling of their dynamic in this boxset and ones to come and we have a strong story to showcase their talents. Not one of the team have lost a beat and Morris captured the style nicely.

A Photograph to Remember by Roy Gill

The dead are appearing to people but they seem confused as to who they are. Of course there is one team made up of a Silurian, a Sontaran and a human that is on the case, the Bloomsbury Bunch… wait, that doesn’t sound right?

It seems very on the nose on paper to have another investigating team made up of the same three races and even including a romantic relationship between two of their number. However, that they have done is cast it really well. I mean, they even have Christopher Ryan in their number (a name anyone who is a fan of Sontaran’s and great British actors will know). It’s also written in a really good, fun style, with the gangs differences only being slightly less annoying to they than how similar they are. The initial case they find themselves all on is also really well thought out and gives lots of pleasing twists and turns. It’s the sort of thing that can only be done a little knowingly and something which a sometimes playful arena such as the Paternoster Gang can make great work of with the right script. This is that script.

The Ghosts of Greenwich by Paul Morris

As a strange cloaked figure stalks the streets, and some of the people of Greenwich are aging suddenly. Time itself seems to be at risk. Can our gang keep there wits and youth about them long enough to save the day? And how does all this connect to the Royal Observatory?

Another strong story to end this set on. Like the others, it is a classic supernatural tale, this time in a lot of earnest in creating its spooky feel, but still allowing time for some classic comedy from our gang. It keeps you guessing until the end and has a complicated mystery, but told well enough so as not to lose the audience.

Wrapping Up

They have really nailed this series and what I hope it will continue to be going forward. Vastra is the lead as the great detective. Jenny is her loyal wife and protector who is always there to take her down a peg when needed. Strax is as always not only comedy gold with well timed one liners, but also brings the warriors heart and valour. The story are all strong and direction from Ken Bentley ties it all together to a collection not to be missed.

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