Big Finish gifts our ears to three more outrageous tales from the ever long lived Captain Jack (John Barrowman)

2.1 Piece Mind by James Goss

When Jack finds himself in the shoes (and coat) of the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker), he must work with said Doctor to save the day. But will the Doctors reputation and the Universe survive the experience?

It’s really hard to think of anything but the obvious on this one; it’s amazing. Both John Barrowman and Colin Baker enjoy the hell out of this story. As given away in the trailer as well as Jack getting to play Doctor, the reverse happens in the story too. Both actors taking their trademark flamboyancy to the parts and turning it up to 11. It’s not hard to make these two in a story good, but for James Goss to have made it such fun and engaging a story is more of a talent. Can’t really imagine many other writers so well suited to this one. I swear you can even hear “that coat” in some of Barrowman’s acting choices and who knew he had such an amazing Doctor voice.

2.2 What Have I Done by Guy Adams

Jack is in the trenches in WW1, or more precisely between them stranded with a German deserter who is very disoriented and lamenting past and present choices. As he tries to save the wounded man Jack finds they are being stalked by an Alien who feeds on fear and he is carrying around an all you can eat buffet.

It was a little jarring to go from just a bombastic tale to something with such weight and some serious matter. For a while I wasn’t getting into this story, but in the same way you can tune into someone whispering whilst others shout, you find after a while you are paying a great deal of attention to this stripped back story. It’s so well drawn and so person. Atilla Akinci gives just the right notes of regret and fear in this story that is so well placed in a time where people were tested like never before and rarely since.

2.3 Driving Miss Well by James Goss

Trinity Wells (Lachelle Carl) has reported on all the weird goings on in recent years, each more fantastical than the last till the point she’s decided it’s all fake (fake news if you will). As she promotes her new book will her new driver, a fellow American, join her on a journey to discover it’s all too real?

This is the kind of story I love. Where they take a character that seems to familiar from all her pop up moments in NuWho, but that is really a blank canvas for the most part. You already feel invested but get to experience someone new. Again James Goss is on writing duties, but showcases his more sinister writing style. And what a lovely two hander between Jack in an unusually toned down version undercover and Carl as Wells putting in an amazing performance as someone so questioning of the world around her, to the point of doubting her own sanity. Showing, as if it be needed, that Doctor Who casts even the more fleeting roles with the best. Great end to the set.

Wrapping Up

Perhaps even more than the great first Captain Jack set, these three stories really bring out three unique sides of our character. The larger than life over the top hero, the companion who can face the darkness with you and the loyal friend who will listen to you when all else around you doubt you. Great writing throughout from two of Big Finish most busy scribes and direction from Scott Handcock. To be honest, I’d be surprised if they didn’t have you at Jack in the Sixth Doctors coat though!

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