When Ace (Sophie Aldred) calls the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and their werewolf friend Mags (Jessica Martin) back to 90’s Camden, it is to free an alien who is being used held against their will in a creepy mansion. Unfortunately, freeing this alien might not be so simple – and in the process of doing so Ace and Mags find they are not themselves. Can the Doctor save everyone this time?

This has been a lovely run of three stories taking us back to the character of Mags, each bringing out a different angle on the werewolf struggle she faces. In this story there is a lot to love too: having Ace come up against the 90’s being such an 80’s character; having the Doctor show love for the denizens of London; Mags facing even more complicated questions about the nature of her being. All of it is acted brilliantly by the cast and written well by Alan Barnes.

If they do continue with Mags, as I hope they will, it would be nice to have a few stories where she gets to have a story where her werewolf side is relegated to the background and we get to see her generally face an adventure with the Doctor, as I feel there is more to this character to explore. It was nice in this story to have her meet Ace again.

The soundtrack to this one feels very different. It’s stripped back and made to create an unsettling feel against this adventure. The story itself, whilst enjoyable, could probably have been tighter at three episodes instead of four, or even used in one of Big Finish’s hour long formats. Even so, it is still very much worth your time.

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Doctor Squee
Doctor Squee