The other icicle has finally dropped. Here is Disney’s first full trailer for Frozen II, the feature length sequel to Frozen. In this new film, to be released five years after the original, Elsa is entreated to head north into the unknown to learn about the source of her powers, and face down a danger that threatens their whole world.

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In this new film, Disney delves deeply into mythology and legend. It’s a hero’s journey, and Elsa and her sister Anna, Anna’s boyfriend Kristoff, and a supernaturally animated snowman named Olaf embark on it together.

The animation appears to be up to the Disney standard of excellence. To be honest, we’re not sure what to think about the story line though, or the dialog. Where have we seen all this before? Still, if you have been thirsting for more adventures of Elsa and Anna, you may be in for a treat.

Frozen II stars Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, Josh Gad as Olaf, and releases this year on November 22.

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