NEW YORK (May 2 2019) – From Bubba Ho-Tep to Hap and Leonard, Joe Lansdale has left his indelible mark on popular culture. For fans that have followed the author’s storied career, All Hail The Popcorn King is something of a monument. 
Joe’s unique voice has spanned multiple genres and has been adapted for film and television. He has supported and collaborated with generations of writers, filmmakers and fans. Our film celebrates his contributions to the worlds of literature and entertainment through interviews with his many colleagues, fans and collaborators including Bruce Campbell, F Paul Wilson, Joe Hill, Mick Garris, David J Schow, Chet Williamson, Keith, Kasey & Karen Lansdale, Brian Keene, Del Howison.The screening and event will be held at The Alamo Draft House, Slaughter Lane in Austin on Sunday, August 18 from 1-4 pm. Joe and his family will be attending the event and talking with fans. GoFundMe Donors will get pre-sale access and a live stream of the event. Click on the following link for priority access to tickets on May 15. On June 10, tickets will be made available to the general public.… ABOUT HANSI OPPENHEIMER AND SQUEE PROJECTS LLC Hansi Oppenheimer is an independent filmmaker and the CEO of Squee Projects LLC. Their mission is to support and promote the work of creators and fans. At Squee Projects LLC, they create media about pop culture including documentaries, YouTube content, podcasts, SqueeCon and a Traveling Film Festival. For more information about their projects visit their website.
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