Somehow this spoof of the Black Eyed Peas song Hey Mama manages to get a hilarious angle on Avengers: Endgame, get through the whole thing, and still be spoiler-free.

Michael William Hunter and his friends have created a musical fannish masterpiece. With Robert Hunter & Emily Lanelle, they sing Hey Marvel, a parody of the Black Eyed Peas song Hey Mama. Like Avengers: Endgame, the newly released consumation of the almost ten year story arc of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, this video is so crowded with characters you need a score card to sort everybody out.

Pause the music stream via the handy controller to the right while you watch this. It goes fast, there’s a lot to see, so pay attention and see if you can spot all the characters and references!

Okay, you can turn the stream back on now.

Did you catch them all?
Here’s the cast list:

Tony Stark Kenji Donville
Captain America Nick Bemrose
Thor Dustin Robert Young
Captain Marvel Emily Lanelle
Loki Jordan Leach
Spider-Man Joe Santos
Doctor Strange Michael T. Coleman
Starlord Americo Luke
Gamora Ariel Thompson
Draxx the Destroyer Derek May
T’Challa Robert Hunter
Black Widow Blythe Kala Wiedemann
Thanos James Martinez
Fans Jordan Leach
Mikaela Euro
David Zuckerman
Daniel Kawka

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Apart from it being just good music (not all fan music videos accomplish this), the costumes, oh, the costumes! They had to create every single one of them for this video, and they had to be good enough to pass muster on camera. Even if they were costumes a lot of them had made themselves for their own use for cosplay, that is a prodigious amount of very detailed work, and deserves applause all by itself!

This is a fun video and absolutely whets our appetite for the real deal. 

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