Back before Brie Larson was Captain Marvel – back before she was shopping at the Unicorn Store – back before she was a producer, writer, actor, or even photographer – she was a singer.

It’s probably surprising now, but she had serious intentions of adding “pop star” to her resumé, and not only sings at a level far into professional caliber, but plays guitar and keyboards as well. Here she is singing She Said from her 2005 album Finally Out of P.E., from Casablanca Records. The title tells you something important about the theme of the album, which was the trials and tribulations of being a teenager trying to figure out life.

Brie had been acting in films that needed pretty teenage girls with attitudes, like 2001’s Madison, where she was cast as “Racing Girl ”, or one of a cluster of six girls just called “six chicks” in 2004’s 13 Going on 30 in which Jennifer Garner is a 13 year old girl who makes a wish and wakes up the next morning at age 30. She had done TV series as regular characters, as well as bit parts in this and that, but it was time to strike out and do something new.

Does she still want to be remembered as a fresh young rebellious teenager singing songs on Finally Out of P.E? Had she kept pushing in this direction, she might have done something as a musician (she actually wrote some of the music on her album!), but acting was still her strong suit. She went on to appear in an impressive 43 more short films, TV series and motion pictures (yes, that was Brie as the scene stealing bitch Envy Adams in 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs The World). Of course, now we all know her as the nearly invincible Captain Marvel in the movie by the same name, as well as in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

Just because it’s Brie Larson, you can hear She Said as part of the regular playlist, right here on is Sci-Fi for your Wifi.


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