Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, nerds of all ages. Buckle up and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

The new trailer for Dark Phoenix just dropped and boy is it a doozy.

Trailer park

The trailer opens to Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), sitting in an alley in the rain. We hear her say “Why did you make me do that?” We are shown scenes of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) trying to talk Jean down. We cut back to Jean as she cries and says, “She was my friend,” and we watch as Jean knocks Mystique back with immense power.

This trailer is action packed. We see several scenes of Jean taken over by the Dark Phoenix. Everyone is scrambling to try and understand what is wrong with Jean and how to fix it. A funeral is also shown, with our beloved X-Men standing around a grave. We are losing someone in this film, and judging by the reactions shown, it’s someone very important. We see a distraught Hank McCoy look at Professor Xavier and say, “This is your fault, Charles.”

We are shown some subtly familiar scenes that recall to memory scenes from previous films. The encounter of the X-Men with Jean on a residential street calls to mind a similar scene from X-Men: The Last Stand with a similar encounter with Jean. Another scene with Jean beginning to crush Magneto’s helmet is also reminiscent of the scene in X-Men: First Class where Magneto is the one crushing helmets when he was a child in Nazi Germany.

While the trailer is certainly a wild ride, there may be cause for concern. Test audiences for Dark Phoenix have been saying that this movie underwhelming to say the least, with TheDisInsider editor-in-chief Skyler Shuler saying that this movie could be Fant4stic level bad. Reportedly the main issue is test audiences did not like specific scenes that seem to be taken directly out of X-Men: The Last Stand.

Plagued by delays and reshoots, the film has been pushed back twice. It was originally slated to come out last year, but serious concerns brought up by initial screenings forced the film into reshoots. It was then delayed again, moving its February release date to June 7th. As exciting as this trailer is, we may be in for a disappointment.

The real question however, is will there be justice for the “Asparagus People”? In the original Dark Phoenix comic book saga, Jean makes a sun go supernova,  killing billions of the D’Bari, affectionately known by fans as the Asparagus People.

Will there be justice?

Will their story be told? Will there finally be justice for the innocent Asparagus People? We’ll find out when Dark Phoenix is released, June 7th .


Sam Strange
Sam Strange