It’s the first full trailer for the latest live action remake of the Disney animated modern classic Aladdin, starring Will Smith as the semi-phenomenal, nearly cosmic Genie of the Lamp! Pause the stream using the handy controller at the upper right and watch – preferably in a darkened room if you can, and full screen, with the sound turned up, because this is awesome sauce.

Internet: Genie isn’t blue and we don’t wanna watch this movie!
Also Internet: Genie is blue and looks stupid and we don’t wanna watch this movie!

Internet opinions not withstanding, Robin Williams’ shoes are pretty big ones to fill, and everybody knew this going in. What was Will Smith going to do, a Robin Williams impression for two hours? Fortunately everybody involved, including Will Smith, knew that that was never ever going to work. The best they could do – and perhaps the only thing they could do – was let Will Smith be Will Smith in the role, just as they had let Robin Williams pretty much play himself in the animated version.

Apparently the Genie can change color in this version of the story, so he’ll be blue for parts of it and be able to pass for a normal – ish – human for other parts.

In this trailer, the teasing is over and we get the big reveal, and frankly, it’s better than we expected. We get a good first look at Jafar, and Jasmine, and there’s a flash of the parade that brings Aladdin to Agraba to meet the Princess. In the Cave of Wonders, we get a quick glimpse of Carpet standing to the left of Aladdin as he rubs the lamp for the first time – and then Will Smith as the Genie, and frankly it looks pretty cool. We’re hooked.

We’re still puzzling over some of the casting choices. Aladdin, while appropriate in his ethnicity, doesn’t quite resemble the Aladdin we knew. Jafar doesn’t either, and we’re wondering why they didn’t cast Ben Kingsley in this role.

Once we see more of the movie and we just get over ourselves about the casting choices, though, we’re highly suspicious that this is going to be waaay better than anybody realizes from just this trailer. They’re holding a lot back, as they should for a first trailer, but there are enough clues here to tell us that this new live action version of the now classic 1993 animated film is going to be worth the ride.

Aladdin from Walt Disney Pictures is directed by Guy Ritchie, co-written by Guy Richie and John August (and four others), stars Will Smith, Billy Magnussen and Naomi Scott, and makes its big screen debut May 24, 2019.


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