Beaten down and broken, Marc Spector is a man who’s been shattered into four separate identities, the sum of which come together to form the hooded crusader of vengeance: The Moon Knight.

Pause the stream while you watch this. And, a warning. Due to the subject matter, this film has violent elements.

The Moon Knight fan film, starring Tim Altevers, is a fan film based on the classic 1980’s Marvel Xomic by the same name.

Writer and Director Caden Butera says that what made this character stick out amongst the other heroes of that time was simple: Moon Knight didn’t have one secret identity. He had FOUR. Steven Grant, an intrepid millionaire stockbroker, takes down organized crime from the top of the ladder. Jake Lockley is a late night taxi driver who listens to the chatter of the guilty as a means of gathering intel. Marc Spector is a retired mercenary who is seeking revenge. Moon Knight is a mask-donning punisher of the night.

Says Butera,

“I, along with all the other Moon Knight fans out there, have been dying for the character to get his debut on the big screen. He’s such an awesome & complex character; I hope one day he’ll hit the limelight.”

He, along with a skeleton crew of passionate fans of the character, came together to make this film for existing fans of Moon Knight and to hopefully spark new ones. It was shot in the Pacific Northwest, at locations in North Idaho and Spokane, Washington.

This might be a short subject, but the dichotomy of the fractured personality that is Moon Knight is explored in surprising depth. The action sequences are good as well, and they paint clear picture of a hero of the night, tortured by his own personal pain, the dominion of an Egyptian Moon god from whom his powers derive, but unleavened by anything resembling human compassion for those who would do evil. Despite the low budget and the small production crew, Moon Knight pulls it off.


Written & Directed by Caden Butera


Marc/Moon Knight Tim Altevers
Joey Charles Fletcher
Frank Stephen Morton
Taxi Passenger 2 Mark Butera
Frankie Kyle Ross
Thug Bill Bill Bancroft
Thug Max Max Jordan
Thug Pavel Pavel Chernichenko
Thug Risky John Risky Boltz
Thug Jerry Jerry Buxbaum
Thug Micah Micah Swet
Thug Cecil Cecil Douglas Trail
Thug Ben Ben Burke
Thug Mathias Mathias Oliver
Boardroom Leader Morecedes Brown
Marlene Shannon Stroup
Boardroom Man 1 Kenny Powell
Boardroom Woman 1 Junko Cruz
Boardroom Man 2 Dane Larson
Boardroom Man 3 Teo Damitio
Boardroom Man 4 Matt Higgins
Boardroom Woman 2 Carly Williams
Boardroom Man 4 Erik Jackson
Boardroom man 5 Josiah Hoffman
Homeless Man John Gessner
Street Teen Cade Richardson
Fake Shemp Joe Cruzaedo-Wagner
Bushman Morecedes Brown

Edited by Caden Butera
Costumes & wardrobe Joe Cruzaedo-Wagner
Co-Cinematographer Dashawn Bedford
Co-Cinematogapher Caden Butera
ON-Set Sound Evan Olsen, Erin Wolf, Hunter Scheidt, John Gessner
Sound Mixer Erin Wolf
1st AC/Grip Cade Richardson
Grip/PA Ben Burke
Stunt & Rain effects Jerry Buxbaum
Make-up Madison Murray, Halle Schmitt, Gabby Anderson, Dani Linehan, Joe Cruzaedo-Wagner
Production Manager Mark Butera
Craft Services Jackie Butera
Wardrobe Department Joe Cruzaedo-Wagner, Kathy Swanson, Jackie Butera
Mask Printer Grayson Cross
Set PA/Boom Op Josh Bentley
Crescent Blades by Clay Williams (

Taxi provided by Yellow Cabs

Special Thanks to

  • North Idaho College
  • Stan Lee
  • Innovation Collective
  • Mystery Ridge Movie Ranch
  • City of Spokane
  • Marc Harvey
  • Abbi Rose Productions
  • Abundant House Productions

A film by Paradox Studios

Moon Knight created by Doug Moench & Don Perlin

All trademarks and copyrights, of course, belong to Marvel Comics. This is a fan film, not made for profit, made by fans, for fans.


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