wishes a very happy birthda y to Oprah Winfrey, Danny Bravo, and Tom Selleck.

Oprah Winfrey

A Wrinkle in Time
“A Wrinkle in Time” image via Disney

Oprah Winfrey is a media mogul, and few stand at her level of achievement. Though best known for her TV talk show, she has appeared in two Disney movies, the animated fantasy The Princess and the Frog (as Eudora, the seamstress who read fairy tales to her daughter Tiana), and the live action science fiction adventure, A Wrinkle in Time as Mrs. Which.

OPrah Winfrey as Mrs. Which in A WRINKLE IN TIME.
Oprah Winfrey as Mrs/ Which in A WRINKLE IN TIME, image via Disney

She was born January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, MS , making January 29, 2019 her 65th birthday. Apart from her status as actress and talk show host, she is also a well-known producer and noted philanthropist.

Danny Bravo

For fans of my generation, Danny Bravo was an integral part of our childhood.

Danny Bravo is 71. He was born on January 29, 1948 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Daniel Zaldivar . The child actor appeared in The Magnificent Seven movie as one of the children in the Mexican village, but most famously, Bravo provided the voice of Hadji in the iconic animated TV series Jonny Quest. He also appeared in two episodes of One Step Beyond and an episode of Kraft Suspense Theater. He has more than five dozen credits, stretch from his first role as “Chico” in an episode of General Electric Theater called Beyond the Mountains in 1959, to a role as “Prince” in The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in 1969. He performed the role of Hadjii in all 26 episodes of Johnny Quest.

Tom Selleck starred in "Quigley Down Under," {image via MGM}
Tom Selleck in QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER, image via MGM

Tom Selleck

Today is Tom Selleck’s 73rd birthday. Best known for action/adventure roles like Magnum, PI, the Jesse Stone movies, and playing police commissioner Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods, his only science fiction role so far is as the voice of Cornelius in Disney’s Meet the Robinsons.

He was, however, very very nearly Indiana Jones. He was being strongly considered for the role by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. They hold out the offer to Selleck for about a month, but Selleck had just signed for Magnum P.I. Unfortunately he couldn’t get out of the contract. Ironically there was an actor’s strike right at the time the television show was supposed to start shooting, so Selleck had to take a job as a handyman in Hawaii while he waited for the show to start. Even more ironically, while he was waiting, a big production came to Hawaii while he was waiting. It was Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Also in History

January 29 is also the birthday of abolitionist and suffragette, Harriet Tubman, born 1/29/1820. She escaped from slavery and led hundreds of other slaves north to freedom. During the Civil War she worked as a scout for the Union army. Political philosopher Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense and The American Crisis was born on this date in 1736.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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