One of the great things about the creativity of fandom is that it just does not stop, ever. Witness, therefore, the awe and mystery of Sabrina Stein’s brand new animated music video for Tom Smith’s filk classic The Illumati Polka. The video took Ms. Stein five months to produce, doing all the work herself.

Pause the stream while you watch – and watch for characters that bear an uncanny resemblance to geek bard Tom Smith himself.

Tom Smith is arguably the world’s fastest filker, and dominates with some quite excellent tunage despite the speed at which he works. He wrote The Illuminati Polka for his album And They Say I’ve Got Talent (go buy it and he’ll make more), released in 2004. The entire album has become a classic in fandom, and deservedly so.

Sabrina Stein’s character designs and animation are fun, fresh, and full of that ineffable property we like to call “real talent”. We think Ms. Stein has a bright future ahead of her as an animator and designer, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. (If this wasn’t clear enough, go subscribe to her YouTube channel. It may take her a while to make the next video, but when she releases the next one, you won’t want to miss it.)


SCIFI Radio Staff
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