The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones is on our doorsteps. Here’s the newly released trailer. Pause the stream using the handy controller at the upper right (or at the bottom of the page if you’re on your phone) before watching.

First things first: the footage in this teaser will almost certainly not be in the episodes that comprise season 8.

The trailer shows the reunited Jon Snow, Sansa and Arya Stark as they walk in the dingy crypts of Winterfell, flanked by statues of fallen Starks – Ned, Catelyn and Lyanna. A feather is floats from the hand of the statue of Catelyn. This positively drips with portent, hinting at a large revelation about Jon’s parentage. That feather first appeared in the show’s very first episode, when Robert Baratheon put it on Lyanna Stark’s crypt. We see the feather again when Sansa picks it up in the fifth season when she visits her aunt’s statue.

As Jon walks past Lyanna’s statue, we hear a snippet of her dialogue from an earlier flashback scene, in which she says (to her brother Ned), “You have to protect him.” This was when Lyanna gave the infant Jon to Ned before she died.

It is the series’ worst kept secret that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, making him the true heir to the Iron Throne. Season 7 ended with Jon finally crossing paths with his aunt, Daenerys Targaryen.

Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season will premiere on April 14, and will consist of six, feature-length episodes.

Fans on Reddit are going over the look of Jon Snow’s statue in great detail. Some think his statue depicts him as an old man, while Sansa and Arya’s statues show them as the same age they are now. Some think this is a hint that Jon will survive the coming war, but others believe  it shows Jon as the same age as the others. One Redittor with knowledge of sculture made the following observations:

It is notoriously hard to depict hair in sculptures. This is why ancient statues often had stylized hair or beards, and even when the hair is sculpted correctly, it tends to obscure the age or likeness the artist intended.

The statues in the teaser are meant to depict the characters looking at them exactly as they are in the scene. Age, clothing, everything. Sansa’s statue is wearing the same clothes and jewelry, Arya’s is exact down to the quilting and embroidery on her doublet.

Why they found statues of themselves as they currently are is up for debate. My personal belief is this is not a dream but a real scene, with the characters finding statues hundreds or even thousands of years old. Bran has shown the ability to communicate with the past, he could have arranged for them to be built. What better way to prove that he has seen the past then to place something there that his siblings can physically see and touch?

Is the trailer a dream scene, a vision of events yet to come, or something that really happens? And if it does, why do the statues look exactly like them as they stand there in that moment? And where is Bran, and does he have anything to do with why the statues are there?

HBO has a tendency to put things in the trailers and teasers that never occur in the actual show. They did this for the Season 6 trailer, so they might have done it again here, so let’s not get too caught up in what’s in the teaser before we see more.

Game of Thrones 8th and final season will consist of six feature-length episodes, and premieres on HBO on April 14.


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