It’s a familiar Disney show tune, with a familiar Disney character – but they’re from different movies. Feast your eyes and ears on Whitney Avalon’s beautifully sung and brightly imaginative cover of Friend Like Me from Disney’s Aladdin, combined with her personna and impeccable acting performance as the irrepressible Mary Poppins.

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This video is full of sight gags and easter eggs, with Ms. Avalon doing everything from a reflection of herself in a mirror that talks back, to pulling an enormous house plant out of a carpet bag. For a few deliriously happy minutes, we are meeting Mary Poppins herself.

And yes, if you watch carefully, she actually does fly.

Whitney Avalon is a singer and actor in such shows as The Big Bang Theory, Poe Party, Girl Meets World, Sesame Street Live, and Hyperlinked, and has her own Patreon page where backers give her money to make these things, and we’re very glad that she does. Listen to to hear more of her songs, including this one.


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