From Lionsgate Entertainment comes the first trailer for the new movie Hellboy, starring David Harbour in the title role as the giant red demon with the sawed off horns who’s been tasked with fighting the forces of darkness and save the world.

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The film features Ian McShane as Professor Bruttenholm, the German supernatural researcher who rescues Hellboy from a miserable existance as a soulless demon of the underworld. Also joining the cast is an actress with a long filmography of roles as a warrior in the war between supernatural forces of good and evil, Milla Jovovich. She plays Nimue the Blood Queen, an evil sorceress bent on revenge.

This is a popcorn movie. The trailer appears to be several shorter clips just sort of glued together to get the length out of it that we expect when we see the word “trailer” on YouTube, but we do get some good looks at Harbour in the role. As good as Ron Perlman was in the role in the previous Hellboy movies (the last one was Hellboy II: The Golden Army in 2008), Harbour’s Hellboy is his own man, and a fascinating new take on the character.

David Harbour as Hellboy

Harbour is no stranger to comic book movies or the sci-fi genre. He’s perhaps best known as Jason Hopper in Netflix’s Stranger Things. His Dexter Tolliver in 2016’s Suicide Squad was certainly a solid performance. His rendition of Hellboy is a bit more ragged-edged than Perlman’s version, but also still quite human in the way he interacts with his adoptive family and friends.

Noteworthy are one or two shots of Hellboy with fully regrown horns and fire crown in his “Prince of Hell” aspect. In previous films, this was a point where Hellboy was nearly lost to the world of men. Will this be the same, or will he channel his humanity and use newfound power to save the world?

Hellboy is directed by Neil Marshall (and not Guillermo Del Toro as many fans had hoped), with screenplay by Andrew Cosby. It releases April 12, 2019.


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