Warframe’s Fortuna update has been hyped up for the past couple of months with an ARG (alternate reality game, for the uninitiated) on Discord, and they recently revealed one last bit of information: a confirmed release date.

Meet Thursby, a cyborg who is one of the many debt slaves in the debt internment colony of Fortuna. He lost his parents in an accident, and inherited their debt. As you may have noticed, this document isn’t in English. Thanks to the users at the ARGrakata server on Discord, it has been translated.

U-2278 is not only this poor man’s name, but also unicode! It translates to , which is ‘NEITHER LESS-THAN NOR GREATER-THAN’ (U+2278). Thursby sounds a lot like “Thursday”, doesn’t it?

This might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s certainly not beyond the subtly Digital Extremes has demonstrated in the past. If we’re right, this is Digital Extremes’ way of announcing a release date for this long-awaited update. Warframe’s Fortuna update might be coming this Thursday!



Charles Raven

Charles Raven