Following the global box office success of Wonder Woman and her appearance in Justice League, it is, of course, no surprise that another solo adventure of Princess Diana of Themyscira would be in the works. Entitled Wonder Woman: 1984, the sequel continues Wonder Woman’s escapades in the World of Men, this time in the era of Ronald Reagan and The Neverending Story.

Originally slated for a release date of November 1, 2019, it has now been delayed until June 5, 2020. In an official press release, Warner Brothers stated that the decision was to “take advantage of the changing competitive landscape…this move lands the film exactly where it belongs.”

Though this might be disappointing news for fans of the Amazon Princess, perhaps this could give more time to returning director Patty Jenkins and actress Gal Gadot to make the final product even better. Maybe they feel a summer movie release will be more successful than in the early holiday season.

As well, DC Comics fans still have Aquaman on December 21, 2018, and Shazam! on April 5, 2019. A Joker origin story starring Joaquin Phoenix is currently filming, a Birds of Prey team-up is in pre-production and Wonder Woman: 1984 will be released in the same year as a Cyborg solo outing and a cosmic adventure for Green Lantern Corps.

On the flip side, this still continues a series of “shake-ups” behind the scenes involving Warner Brothers’ slate of DC Comics cinematic productions. A solo outing for the The Flash is reportedly delayed until 2021, following several director/writer changes as reported by Solo outings for Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman have reportedly been canceled.

As stated before, Wonder Woman: 1984 will now release June 5, 2020. Actress Kristen Wiig has been confirmed to play the iconic villainess The Cheetah, and Chris Pine will reprise his role as Steve Trevor, even though (spoiler alert) his character died in the first Wonder Woman film. Past this, very little plot details are known at this time.


Nick Corbin

Nick Corbin

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