Willow Leafstorm’s Planet Tokyo is back from hiatus. The first airing of  this widely popular radio music show airs tonight!

Each week, Willow Leafstorm will once again be bringing you the best J-Pop, K-Pop and music from the Pacific Rim.

Here are the showtimes for your part of the world:


Pacific 7 pm Eastern 10 pm
Central 9 pm GMT 3 am
AEDT 1 pm CST 10 am
JST 11 am CEST 5 pm

The show is recorded from the live performance and replayed Fridays at the following times:

Pacific 4 am Eastern 7 pm
Central 6 am GMT 12 pm
AEDT 10 pm CST 7 pm
JST 8 pm CEST 2 am

We love Planet Tokyo, and when you hear the show, we know you will too. It’s truly an international experience!


SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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