JBunzie is not typically thought of as a singer. She’s a talented cosplayer with special skills in makeup, and she has a YouTube channel dedicated primarily to makeup for cosplay. She can make pretty much anybody look like pretty much anybody else. 

Part of being a cosplayer means being able to act the part. It’s not just costuming, but something more. In JBunzie’s case, it’s a lot more, because she sings as well. Here is JBunzie, teaming up with Traci Hines and an entire ensemble of Disney princesses in this amazing amazing live action recreation of the Disney Princesses scene from the trailers for Ralph Breaks the Internet movie trailers. 

Let’s start with the prologue. As always, if you’re visiting us on your desktop, use the player controls at the top of this page to temporarily pause the SCIFI.radio stream before you hit the play button.

Okay, first up, Snow White peeling in after Vanellope says “YES! What is UP with that!” is hysterical, and check the look on Merida’s face when she does it. It’s an exact take on the animated version of the same thing from the trailer.

Now check out the song, When Can I See You Again? It’s a cover the song by Owl City, and the video is from Traci Hines’ YouTube channel. We don’t actually know if this song is in the film or not yet, because all we’ve seen so far is the trailers. However, the song does feature prominently in Disneyland and Disney World’s Paint the Night nighttime parades as the driving theme, so it really fits.

This is so sweet and so well done it gives you goosebumps. It gave me goosebumps, anyway. All the singing is just Disney-grade perfection. The singing ranges from “wow” to “wow!” The staging is marvelous, despite a lot of it having been done on a green screen set and composited together. Every character perfectly masters the role they’re playing, and for each one there are clever visual callbacks to that character’s back story.

While we’re at it, did you notice that Venellope’s skirt is a peanut butter cup wrapper?

And now, here’s the behind the scenes video showing you how the magic was done, from Nicolette Melody’s YouTube channel. Nicolette is a singer and dancer, a cosplayer and a vlogger who devotes a lot of attention to Disney things. The video shows the ladies preparing for their roles on camera and all the work that goes into creating the perfection we see on screen.

This was one of those magical collaborations where everything comes together to create a once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved – and a magical experience for us, the lucky audience who gets to see it.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone involved for this entirely fan-made, yet completely authentic, bit of Disney magic.


*Check out Wonderland Studios in Anaheim, CA, our amazing photo/video location: http://WonderlandStudiosOC.com
*Huge thanks to Jbunzie for collaborating with me on this project! Make sure to subscribe to her amazing youtube channel if you haven’t already! http://youtube.com/jbunzie
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Vanellope: Jbunzie http://youtube.com/jbunzie
Ariel: Traci Hines (me) http://instagram.com/TraciHines
Tiana: Ranitra Coleman http://instagram.com/Missgolden_lady
Aurora: Bethanie Garcia http://instagram.com/bethaniegarcia
Cinderella: Amy Treadwell Toy http://youtube.com/harmonyaddict
Jasmine: Nicolette Melody http://instagram.com/NicoletteMelody
Rapunzel: Sarah Ingle http://youtube.com/sarahingleofficial
Elsa: Tina LaMar http://instagram.com/queen_elsa_1353
Anna: Shel Sligar http://instagram.com/lifeofshel
Merida: Monica Ricketts http://instagram.com/monicadanae 
Pocahontas: Kayla Stagnoli http://instagram.com/KaylaStag
Moana: Katie Stagnoli http://instagram.com/ktdisney
Mulan: J Liang
Snow White: Amber Arden http://instagram.com/AmberArden
Belle: Rachel Litfin http://instagram.com/RachelLitfin
Ralph: Brian Hull http://youtube.com/BrianHullVoices
Stormtrooper: Cameron Keaggy http://instagram.com/sirkeaggy


Cinematography/Post-Production: Brandon Toy http://BrandonToy.comhttp://instagram.com/songstaforlifehttp://youtube.com/songstaforlife
Executive Producers: Jennifer Guerra, Andrew Wells, Dave Lopez
Line Producer: Nicole Wright http://instagram.com/nicoletheawkward
Assistant Line Producer: Shel Sligar http://instagram.com/lifeofshel
Video Production Assistant: Jamison Toy http://instagram.com/ltoycreations
Production Assistant: Jen Holmstrom http://youtube.com/inspiredfamilyof5
Production Assistant: Benjamin Hines
Production Assistant/Understudy: Sydney DeRosa http://instagram.com/sydneyelizabethhh


Music Arrangement & Production: Joris Daniel Hoogsteder http://JorisDaniel.com
Recording Engineer & Vocal Mixing: Brandon Toy http://BrandonToy.com
Music Directors: Brandon Toy & Traci Hines
Additional Recording by: Brian Hull, Sarah Ingle & Cameron Keaggy


Ariel Costume: http://FireflyPath.com
Jasmine & Ralph Costumes: Alysia Smith http://instagram.com/DesignerAlysiaPark
Aurora, Cinderella & Belle Costumes, & Snow White Cape: Nephi Garcia/Designer Daddy http://instagram.com/designerdaddy_
Tiana Costume & Jasmine PJ’s: Secret Honey http://instagram.com/secrethoney_offi…
Merida’s Costume: http://instagram.com/crownsandcastles…
Moana & Anna Costumes: Shel Sligar http://instagram.com/lifeofshel
Elsa’s Costume: http://RoyalEntertainers.com
Rapunzel’s Costume: http://princesseverafterevents.com


Jasmine & Belle: Alysia Smith http://instagram.com/DesignerAlysiaParkhttp://facebook.com/Wigs-by-Alysia-Sm…   
Ariel & Elsa: Traci Hines http://SirensGrotto.com
Aurora: Styles by Kat http://instagram.com/styles_bykat
Cinderella & Snow White: Jessica Mills http://instagram.com/jmillsmakeupandhair
Pocahontas: Kayla Stagnoli http://instagram.com/kaylastag
Rapunzel: http://princesseverafterevents.com
Anna, Moana & Vanellope: Shel Sligar http://instagram.com/lifeofshel


Merida’s Bow: borrowed from Garrett Gopen
Tiana’s Flower & Crown: Ranitra Coleman http://instagram.com/miss_goldenlady
Belle’s Book: Rachel Litfin http://rlitfin.com
Pocahontas’s Staff: c/o Benjamin Hines
Cookies: Lady Fortunes http://ladyfortunes.com

Special Thanks to Pinky Paradise for our circle lenses! http://PinkyParadise.com

Want to read Belle’s book? Buy or Download The Chronicles of Royal High by Rachel Litfin! http://rlitfin.com

Special Thanks to our wonderful location WONDERLAND STUDIOS for hosting this shoot! http://WonderlandStudiosOC.com

Photography by Saffels Photography http://SaffelsPhotography.com

More Music: http://iTunes.com/TraciHines


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