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Writer: Rob Williams, Artist: Sergio Davila, Colorist: Felideus, Letters: Simon Bowland


“… It’s too complicated a world.  We were built on a concept of wonder.  I’m not sure wonder exists anymore.”

— Diana Adams

Those Golden Age characters are back in another brand new series!  Since their release from Pandora’s Urn, the Project Superpowers team has been living in the modern era.  This chapter begins with Diana Adams (“Masquerade”) on a book tour, the American Spirit in search of a new host, and a planet-wide power outage that, among other things, causes all aircraft to lose power and fall from the sky!

The stars of Crestwood Publications, Fox Comics, and Nedor Comics are back for a fantastic story arc.  (You knew there were other companies besides National, Detective, and Timely, right?)  Green Lama, The Mighty Samson, Black Terror, The Scarab, and The Death-Defying Devil feature in this action packed issue, and it seems as though we’re going to be in for a fantastic ride!



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Writer: James Tynion IV, Pencils: Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Inks: Raul Fernand, Colors: Brad Anderson, Letters: Rob Leigh


“Magic is broken.  And it’s clear you cannot fix it alone.  Help me see an end to this, Zatanna.  I beg you.”

— Wonder Woman

After the destruction of the Source Wall all kinds of ancient evils and energies have returned to our universe, inflicting all sorts of bizarre and terrible situations.  Go back and read the four-issue “Justice League: No Justice” mini-series for more details.  The magic of our world is particularly affected; it is becoming uncontrollable, even by Earth’s most powerful mages.  To lead the charge to regain control of magic, a new, special branch of the Justice League is being lead by Wonder Woman: Justice League Dark.  Diana is joined by Man-Bat, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, and Dectective Chimp.

Hhmm… Detective Chimp.  Okay…

Also gathering to battle this situation from a less visible position are the magical, mystical, and supernatural characters of DC: Klarion the Witch Boy, Morgaine Le Fay, Baron Winters, John Constantine, Jason Blood, Deadman, The Phantom Stranger, and many others.  And I’m sure more will follow as the series, and this company-wide story arc, continues. 

I like that DC is doing a series that will focus on the mystical aspects of their characters.  We’ll see what issue #2 brings.



(Variant Covers Available)

Writer: Jeff Lemire, Artist: Wilfredo Torres, Letterer: Nate Piekos of Blambot™


“I-I’ll do it.  I’ll help you kill the President.  No matter what, Gravity Boy has to die.”

Trev Trevz, Barbali-Teen

Its a thousand years after Black Hammer Farm, and a young Martian needs to find and band together the members of the former superhero team, The Quantum League, to save the world from a bloodthirsty, militant regime.

This issue gives us a lot more detail through flashbacks of Trev Trevz’s past life before his search for the Quantum League members.  Modular Lass, legless since the Battle of Manhattan, when the Martians first invaded, and a creature named Erb, find Trev, going by the name Barbali-Teen.  It is their plan to recruit him for a mission.  He claims it’s his destiny to fight alongside the heroes.  And after seeing a photo that Modular Lass dropped from her pocket, he is more in for the mission than ever.

Lemire’s Black Hammer world is pretty darned amazing!  This twist on DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes is well crafted and as a classic DC fan, I’m enjoying it a lot.  Grab it and enjoy!



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  • Walt Disney Showcase #6
  • Captain America #2
  • Superman #2

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