The first teaser for Venom was remarkably devoid of the actual anti-hero, leaving us to wonder if the director Ruben Fleischer  actually knew what he was doing with the comic book genre and with this property in specific. Then the first trailer hit, and suddenly we were convinced he knew exactly what he was doing.

With today’s trailer, we get to see a great deal more of the alien parasite inhabiting Eddie Brock’s body, and it’s some pretty delicious geek cinema. Pause the music stream using the control at the upper right and have a look.

He’s like a gross, carnivorous caricature of Spider-Man, and initially the mimic got its powers by emulating Peter Parker. It’s not often we get to see two distinct personalities inhabiting the same body where it isn’t the result of a personality disorder, so this is some rolicking fun. It’s probably also going to be a bit too intense for children, so don’t take your seven year old. It will give her nightmares for months.

By the way, that evil prettyboy scientist that we just love to hate is Riz Ahmed, British Pakistani actor, rapper, and activist. Genre credits: Rogue One, The Oa.

A new clue to the plotline of the film comes in the very last frames of this trailer, where we see what looks like one symbiote ripping the daylights out of Venom, with Eddy Brock still inside. This film has surprises in store.

Venom comes from Sony Pictures, stars Tom Hardy in the title role, and hits the cinemas October 15, 2018.


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