Arlene Busby

This week brings us episode 201 of’s flagship radio series The Event Horizon, and this week’s special guest is Arlene Busby, chairperson of the space exploration enthusiasts’ convention OuteRimCon. 

About OuteRimCon

OuterRimCon is an annual science and science fiction convention celebrating the history of space exploration. It is scheduled to take place this year at the Columbia Memorial Space Center, 12400 Columbia Way, Downey, CA 90242.

It’s organized by the Aerospace Legacy Foundation, a community based 501(c)(3) organization in Downey, California. Since 1995, they have dedicated themselves to the preservation of  Southern California’s aerospace and aviation history.  Their mission is to educate, lecture and preserve the history of space exploration.

About Arlene Busby

Arlene Busby (formerly Arlene Satin) has been an advocate of space sciences and space exploration for decades, and has been a driving force in the organization. She is been a significant figure in the local Southern California science fiction fandom, one of the better known members of LASFS, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, and appeared on the now legendary Hour 25 when it was first being broadcast on local station KPFK in Los Angeles.

She was awarded LASFS’ highest service award in 2008. Through LASFS she met the man who would become her husband, James Busby, in 2012. He unfortunately passed away two years ago.


Episode 201 of The Event Horizon with Arlene Buzby will debut Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific time. It replays July 22 (Sunday) at the same hour, and then can be heard on the following Thursday and Saturday mornings at 7 am Eastern / 4 am Pacific. Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow host.

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