Black Panther. Agents of SHIELD. Jessica Jones. The Avengers. Luke Cage. Cloak and Dagger. Ant-Man and the Wasp. Marvel continues to be an entertainment juggernaut with one hit movie and TV show after another. Now, they are swinging back into the world of animation with a trailer for the upcoming short series Marvel Rising: Initiation.

This trailer promises that this short series has everything for younger Marvel fans: relatable and diverse teenaged characters, witty banter, girl power and of course weekly superhero action. The animation style is also very bright and colorful, with some possible anime influence.

Many of the characters have either been recent additions to the lineup of Marvel Comics or have gained modern popularity, especially with younger people. Perhaps with many of the mainstream actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe set to retire after the fourth Avengers film, Marvel and Disney are trying to get general audiences more familiar with the next generation of superheroes.

As well, many of the superheroes are voiced by actors who have either appeared in other Marvel or other Disney-related productions.

Two of the voice actors have appeared on the live action Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, one of them being Chloe Bennet, who voices her same character Quake/Daisy Johnson. She appears to be a mentor of the teenaged superheroes, including Ghost-Spider, known more to fans as Spider-Gwen. She is voiced by Dove Cameron, who has guest starred on Agents of SHIELD as a different character.

Then there’s Tyler Posey (Elena of Avalor) as Inferno, Kathreen Khavari (Avengers Assemble) as Ms. Marvel, Milana Vayntrub (Lizzie McGuire) as Squirrel Girl and Kamil McFadden (K.C. Undercover) as Patriot.

As stated before, this trailer is for a series of four short animated episodes, that will lead into a feature-length film that will release at an unknown date and time. The first episode premieres on Disney XD on August 13, 2018.


Nick Corbin

Nick Corbin

Nick Corbin is a filmmaker and writer who hails from Boise, Idaho. When he isn’t busy acting, or writing a screenplay for his own production company, Nick can be found consuming any geek media he can get his hands on. To start a conversation, ask him about the latest cosplay he is working on.