In this CG animated short film, a traveler discovered an entire city of workers imprinted and reformatted to conform to corporate ideals: they’re mindless drones, almost completely consumed by the great machinery of commerce. He encounters a young woman named Nova Siera1520 by chance, and it changes her life.

The film is a metaphor for the human condition. In this world, anyone with even an inkling of self-awareness senses that something is deeply wrong.  Glitch is simultaneously stylish and poignant. Nova believes that the blue shell that insulates her from being a real person is what she needs to survive, and she’s shocked when she finds out that this isn’t true at all. The title could reference the girl, the boy, what’s happening to the girl, or the fact that the boy exists in this environment at all. One way or another, Aaron is the agent of change.

The film is a final year animation project. The animators are Benjamin Perera, Jeremy Frarier, Marion Chevallier, Thomas Lagnez, and Jean-Baptiste Zini. The music is by Igor Troppée, and the sound design is by Hugo Bachs. It is the work of the Université Lumière in Lyons, France.


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