Warframe is going through some major changes, according to the TennoLIVE Twitch stream from TennoCon, the convention dedicated to all things related to the game.

To kick things off, they announced Warframe will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch thanks to Panic Button, who has successfully made ports for several other PC games such as DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Soon afterward, they announced a couple of upcoming warframes for the player to use along with their normal weapon loadout These new warframes are named Revenant and Garuda. Revenant is designed similarly to the Eidolons found on Earth, and Garuda has an art direction pointed towards gore.

The main feature of the presentation was the announcement of not one, not two, but three upcoming updates. The first one is Fortuna, which introduces an open world on the surface of Venus, so altered by the Solaris Debt-Internment Camp named Fortuna that it’s been terraformed into more of an ice planet than a barren hellscape with acidic weather.

Speaking of the internment camp, Solaris United is the new faction you get to support in order to loosen the iron grip of the greedy Corpus forcing them to work off their debts. In order to help them, you can hop on your new hoverboard and soar over the landscape on your way to different bases in the open world and complete missions to earn standing with Solaris United, as well as rescue endangered species that are being hunted to extinction by the Corpus.

Potential rewards are customizable weapons called Kitguns and Moa Companions, built in a similar fashion to the Zaws and Amps from the Plains of Eidolon update. The guns are generally industrial, but the new companions allow you to show some more decadent flair. Yes, bowties and top hats on bipedal robots. The future is now. Also, those aren’t just cosmetics; the parts you use to dress up your new robot companion can give them different combat abilities.

The second update is Codename: Railjack. This will introduce a huge ship that players can pilot and crew, and they will be able to fly into the orbit of Venus in order to take out various threats with a surprising amount of firepower. There are turrets on the ship, as well as a way to send quasi-fighters called Archwings to board enemy ships and attack weak points not otherwise visible to the helm.

Players can use their new vantage point onboard enemy vessels to mark weak points for the main ship to fire at, helping everyone complete the mission. This will require plenty of communication, as opposed to most missions where you can get the gist of it just by following everyone else. There’s not much else we know about this second update, other than the fact that it’s probably dropping around the same time as Fortuna.

The third update was teased at the end of the presentation with a trailer for The New War, another quest that follows the main storyline.

These new (and totally free) updates are expected to be available to the public in late 2018 and early 2019. Warframe is a free-to-play adventure published and developed by Digital Extremes, Ltd.


Charles Raven

Charles Raven