When I look at what Eric Olive is offering in his anthology Deep Signal, I am intrigued. It’s being written and drawn by new titans in the world of science fiction and fantasy. Each story is unique, each style resonant with that inexorable, indescribable coolness that attracted us all to the genre in the first place.

Eric Olive has assembled a team of cannot help but compare it to the best of Metal Hurlant (literally “Screaming Metal” in French, but we English-speaking fans know it as “HeavyMetal),which published in magazine form from 1974 through 1987, and then again for two years between 2002 and 2004. The original magazine was founded by Jean Giraud ( better known as “Mœbius“) and Phillipe Druillet, and Olive seems to be channeling the spirits of these two icons of the French comic arts.

With 14 days to go at this writing, the project is already 67% funded. We have the feeling they’re not going to have a problem hitting the finish line.

The anthology will be full magazine size, and will include over a dozen stories from almost 30 internationally acclaimed artists and writers. The book features several prominent creators that have won major industry awards such as the Hugo, Nebula, Acer, BFSA, the Phillip Levine Poetry Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Award, Will Eisner Award, and Spectrum Art awards, and really more awards than can be listed. Deep Signal is largely ready to go, and how big it goes depends on us.

We wish the best of luck to everyone involved on the project, and if you love the fusion of fantasy and science fiction with artistic expression in visual arts, it doesn’t cost much to be a part of the project and get your own copy.



SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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