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“I love this show! Thanks (to the Hangin With Web Show) for your support of my endeavors over the years!”

**Kevin J. Anderson(Best Selling Sci-Fi Author Known for Star Wars Novels, X-Files, Dune)


“The Hangin With crew’s enthusiasm is contagious. It makes one want to read even more stuff . . . and work even harder!”

**Troy Denning (Best Selling Science Fiction Writer and Author Known for Halo, Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, and Dungeons and Dragons)


“I have never met a more passionate and caring group of people. They truly care about the people they are interviewing and the viewers who consume their product. It’s a rare thing in the entertainment world to meet folks who actually seem to want more than some
Sound clips to add to the click bait generation.

**Martin Dunn (Comic Artist / Publisher Known for Overwatch & Joshua Black)


“Your show sets a standard. Professional, innovative and fun! The staff are very courteous and you entertaining! The set up is immaculate and memorable. Your team brings a very unique touch to any event you attend!”

**Terance Baker (Comic Artist Entrepreneur and Event Organizer ICC Con)


“Hangin With Web Show just isn’t quite like any other talk or video interview venue out there on the convention circuit. Their willingness to engage in longer format, to take a chance with questions that seem to go off-topic but lead to wonderful discussions, and their General enthusiasm for and knowledge of the work of their guests makes them one of the most enjoyable and effective media venues to work with. I hope I’ll get a chance to see them at DragonCon this year, and if I’m lucky, a few more places as well!”

**Chuck Gannon (Nebula Award Nominated, Multiple Dragon Award Nominated Best Selling Science Fiction Author)


“You guys (The Hangin With Web Show) have a great show! You approach the interviews with a truly professional eye and also the interviews become more of an exchange of ideas and through comfortable conversation more than just promoting one’s self or project turns into being part of a really in crowd cocktail party in the virtual sense.”

**Mitch Hyman (Comic & Film Creator Producer: Bubba the Redneck Werewolf)


“Thanks for giving indie creators, authors and musicians a voice and awesome outlet. You guys rock!!! Well done team.”

**Veronica Barriga (Film Producer: Arcane Pacific Entertainment Known For “Love, Lust and a Room Key)


“The Hangin’ With Show provided me an opportunity to share my first book with the world. I was super nervous but they put me at ease. I have since done two more shows with them to announce my other books and I plan on continuing to use them to announce each new book. They are fun yet professional and I just can’t think of any better people to work with. I highly recommend them!”

**Wanda Mital Luthman (Award Winning Children’s Author)


“Hangin’ With Web Show was my first live interview. Everyone (is) so professional that in only minutes I felt relaxed as they guided me through it. What this interview did for me as an Indie author was priceless. Because of their reach I gained sales and new readers, not to mention publicity in a huge audience. They support and actively promote all the arts which means so much to the “little guy” on the street. They do for Indies what the big houses do for their authors, only the Hangin With Web Show does it for the love of their work. You Can’t go wrong with this group of professional and dedicated promoters/hosts. I am grateful for their help and will work with them more in the future!”

**Sherry Rentschler (Paranormal Romance Author and Vampire Schgolar)


“Hangin With Web Show gave CosACommotion our first major interview in Orlando during MegaCon Convention. Things took off from there for us as well as our friendship with Garrett, Deanna and Sage.  Their professionalism showcases the artist and l personally love they embrace the independent artist. Thank you all for helping 2017 be such a magical year for us.”

**Shellane Demarest (Cosplay Entertainer and Entrepreneur “Cos-A-Commotion” “Fan Experiences”)


“Thanks for the support and coverage I really had a blast doing my segment this past year!
Stay Awesome Hangin With Web Show, all the best in 2018!”

**Scott Schiaffo(Filmmaker/Actor Known for “Clerks”)


“Hangin With Web Show brings exposure, class and fun to any event. It gives the artist the ability to be seen in places they otherwise might not be seen. Every event needs Hangin With Web Show. It makes artists feel like they are walking the Red Carpet.”

**Yvonne Mason (True Crime Author: Radio Host “Off The Chain Radio”)


Hangin With Web Show helped me to get maximum exposure for my very first indie feature right before your eyes.  The awesome HWWS crew put together an amazing video interview for me via Skype and in 6 months has had well over 2k hits! Their passion for bringing indie/unknown artists, filmmakers, writers, etc. to the forefront has been rivaled by no other. They genuinely care about the success of each and every talent they interview and always stay involved.  So much going on and it wouldn’t be happening without HWWS. What an amazing resource for all of that amazing talent out there that just wants to be seen/heard!”

**David Vincent Bobb (Filmmaker Known for “Right Before Your Eyes”)


“You all are everwhere and a part of the CON family. I want to thank you for your support both past and present of CecilGrimesCosplay. It’s always a pleasure seeing you and all the work you do. Happy Holidays and I’m looking foward to seeing you many more times in 2018!”
**Cecil Garner
(Cosplayer/Actor Cecil Grimes Cosplay The Walking Dead Fan Experience)


“It was a sincere pleasure to be interviewed by Allyson Murray.
The things you look for in an interview are: Professionalism – Conversational Tones – and Industry Knowledge… and I found the Hangin’ With The Web Show had them all.
I find a show like this to be beneficial to the convention scene due to the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment community – whether it be comics, tv or movies, or the vast subject of pop culture.  I hope to appear again sometime!”

**Rusty Gilligan (Comic & Film Artist Known for Marvel’s “The Avengers” MCU)


“The people behind the Hanging With Web Show are simply outstanding, bringing a level of professionalism and fun that is far too rare with video interviews these days. Garret, Sage, and Deanna (as well as) the other crew members went out of their way to make sure I was relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, at the same time making me feel like royalty. And the questions were thoughtful and engaging, rather than the stale, unoriginal questions I’m usually asked during interviews. I highly recommend the show, and the talented people behind it.”

**Owl Goingback (Bram Stoker Award Winning Horror Author: )


“The Hanging With (Web Show) is a high-energy, super fun group of professionals enabling creators in all fields to share their art with a growing audience. Garrett and the team are well-informed during interviews, and go beyond by sharing posts, engaging interaction, and providing a platform many creators do not have on their own. I highly recommend bringing them to any conference or convention as they will draw a crowd because their role is to support your convention creators.”

**Jaimie Engle(Award Winning Author – Podcaster – Cosplayer)


“I have found that the Hangin With Web Show staff are eager to do all they can to promote and encourage Indie authors. They’re always ready to make the interview process fun, relaxed, and professional and something that can be proudly displayed and downloaded to websites and other social media. They work hard. They work smart. And they provide a real service to the Indie community. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

**Linda L. Zern(Independent Author)


“The Hangin With Show is a treat to be on. They’re a great team and fun to talk to.”

**Ramón Terrell (Author / Actor Known for “A Rose for Christmas”, “iZombie,” “Supernatural”)


“The Hangin With team conduct very entertaining interviews!”

**Dave Butler (DJ Butler: Author Known for “The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie)

G. W. Pomichter

G. W. Pomichter