Geek nostalgia runs rampant in this new music video Batman Dance Party from the commercial animation company Monster Truck Ninja. The Batman ’66 sub-genre of the Batman universe was the best superhero stuff on television back in the day, and the naive charm of it sustains us still.

Here’s Monster Truck Ninja’s animated celebration of the series, blending in a number of characters that appeared on television, in animation, and sometimes only in the comics.  You’ll love this. Pause the stream while you listen.

These are really simplified character designs, but they’re elegant as well. We begin with a very recognizable Adam West reaching for the Bat-Phone. From there it’s pure confection. Watching an animated Batman do the Bat-tusi was never so much fun!

Watch for Poison Ivy, Clayface, Scarecrow, Bane, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, different versions of the Joker, the Penguin (with dancing Antarctic cohorts) and a bunch of other villains — but there are also a lot of characters from the comics, like Red Hood, Azreal,  and Man-Bat. Even the Batmobile itself gets into the act. We are not sure, however, how we feel about an animated twerking Alfred Pennyworth.

The music is the Batman Theme Song (RemixManiacs Trap Remix):

And of course, yes, you can hear this remix, along with other remixes from RemixManiacs, on

Keep it tuned here, and watch this space. More fun stuff is on the way!


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