Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles 2 is currently the movie in the whole world right now, and breaking box office records.The film premiered to $183.2 million at the domestic box office this past weekend. The sequel to the popular 2004 computer animated film soared past the record for biggest animated film opening in box office history by nearly $50 million, the previous record having been set by Finding Dory years ago.

The Incredibles 2 takes the two top box office draws, superheroes and animation, and mashes them together into a two hour marathon of awesomeness. So we were so focused on the film (some of us on staff here still haven’t seen it yet, if you can believe that) that we were naturally Googling things about it.

Guess what we found.

Today’s Video of the Day is Songify the Movie’s Keep It Clean, composed entirely from autotuned lines of dialog from the first Incredibles movie. Pause the SCIFI.radio stream while you watch.

Songify is an app for smart phones that you sing into, and it creates melodies with you as the singer, with your voice autotuned to create the lead line. The Songify the Movies channel on YouTube demonstrates the technology taken to its logical extreme, and the results are often pretty dramatically cool.



In fact, in this case, you could say it’s super fun.

Yes. We went there.

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SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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