The LEGO movie with the cryptically redundant title The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part looks like it’s going to be as much slapstick fun as the original. Emmett, the irrepressible idiot who somehow floundered his way through The LEGO Movie and still managed to save the day is back for more. Pause the stream while you watch this.

Lucy (“Wildstyle”) is back too, and though she presents Emmett to an alien intruder from another world as “The Special”, it was she who satisfied all the requirements of the Prophecy that defined who that was. When she puts forth Emmett as the most fearsome warrior our planet has to offer is met with derision:

“So you fought, and Masterbuilt, and kicked butt, and the hapless male was the leader?”

Chris Pratt stars as Emmett. Elizabeth Banks is Lucy. Christopher Miller and Phil Lord are on as producers, and Mike Mitchell directs. And the whole thing assembles on screens everywhere February 2019.




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