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Scripts: Various
Pencils, Inks: Various
Colors: Various
Letterers: Various

One of the coolest things about DC Nation is that it’s only 25?! We haven’t had that kind of price for this much content in a whole lot of years! This book is the jumping off point for three different books and is a really good hook for the titles they lead into:

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Clay Mann
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Clayton Cowles

“I love kids. Though not to eat. Small bones. Y’know, you CAN choke.”

This one’s a psychological thriller, and it’s pretty darned creepy. The Joker invades a man’s house and holds him hostage while he… waits for the mail. Yeah. You wouldn’t think that something like waiting for the mail could be anything more than mundane. But you add The Joker, and then, well… Tom King did a great job making a story featuring two people waiting for mail into quite the nail biter. This story continues in Batman #48.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: José Luis García-López
Inker: Dexter Vines
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Josh Reed

“The legendary Clark Kent is a hot mess, Lois Lane is M.I.A. and no one knows where…”
“And Perry White?”
“I swear he commutes from 1945.”

Everyone at the Daily Planet is still processing the fact that Lois Lane no longer works there. Perry knows that Clark is not writing up to his usual high standards and can’t figure out why, even after asking Clark directly. And we’re introduced to the new city beat reporter, Miss Robinson Goode, who is definitely more than meets the eye.
Well, there’s no reason to tell YOU how much I love seeing José Luis García-López penciling a Superman story, but I wasn’t nearly as impressed with the combination of García-López’s pencils and Dexter Vines’s inks. It could just be a style feeling on my part, but I’ve seen other inkers on García-López’s pencils that really made his work sing. I don’t really get that with this story. And as for the story, Bendis is heading up the reboot of Superman (think John Byrne 2.0,) but it really didn’t seem to do much, other than introuduce a new character with questionable motives. I hope this is an exception rather than a rule for future stories. This continues in The Man of Steel #1.

Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV & Joshua Williamson
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Colors: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: AndWorld Design

“Aquaman said it best. Our universe is now like a fishbowl poured into the ocean. We’re a school of guppies trying to fend off sharks. A questionable school at best …”

The Justice League broke the Source Wall. Heroes are now teaming up with villains at the edge of the universe, battling forces and creatures that have not existed in our universe in imeasureable eons. They are doing all they can to defend against The Omega Titans!

And just like the title said, this story is a prelude to…

Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV & Joshua Williamson
Artist: Francis Manapul
Colors: Hi-Fi
Letters: AndWorld Design

“A myth of four brothers, impossibly powerful cosmic gods, each embodying one of the fundamental energies of sentient life. They are called the Omega Titans… At the end of the universe, the story said that they would return to the civilizations that grew over the eons…”

… and it’s going to get BAD. REAL BAD!

If you pick up the DC Nation # 0 (see above) you’ll get the sense that you’re jumping in partway through, and you won’t be wrong. Issue 1 fleshes out what you read in the promo book. Involving the Kirby creation Source Wall brings a cool facet to the story. It’s great that DC is incorporating the Fourth World characters more, and I think we may be seeing a lot more along the way. This should be a wild ride to enjoy!

BARRIER #1 and #2 (of 5)
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artists: Marcos Martin, Muntsa Vicente

Barrier was originally a digital comic that is now seeing print. The format is very unique, as it is printed at a 90 degree angle; landscape instead of the usual comic book portrait. I missed the digital version and am I ever sorry I did! A powerful story involving illegal boarder crossing into Texas, a property owner almost at her wit’s end, a Mexican boarder crosser looking for a better life…

… and I can’t tell you any more than that. No really. But it’s SO worth it! Brian K. Vaughan (SAGA) is very quickly becoming one of my favorite writers! Marcos Martin’s art really develops the story and Muntsa Vicente’s colors bring it home. I love this book! I will recommend that while you’re reading you open a browser on your computer and pull up BabelFish®, cause there’s a lot of Spanish. If you’re fluent, I’m jealous.


• Assassinistas #5
• Captain America #702
• New Challengers #1
• Mighty Thor: At The Gates of Valhalla #1

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