This week’s episode of The Event Horizon features special guest David Lucarelli, creator of the popular graphic novel series The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade”.

The three-volume set is a Gothic coming of age adventure, inspired by the real life incident of the Gorbals vampire and was described by film director Joe Doughrity as Buffy meets S.E.Hinton’s The Outsiders.

In 1954 hundreds of school children descended upon a Scottish cemetery looking for a vampire with iron teeth they believed had killed a couple of local kids. Today it is looked upon as an incident of mass hysteria. But what if some of those children found what they were looking for?

Flash forward to today: Gavin and Doug are two juvenile delinquents who have the misfortune to be drinking in that same cemetery the night the vampires come back. “Sometimes the good guys are a couple of bad boys.”

David Lucarelli is the writer of the series and does the lettering, with authors and illustrators Christopher Matteson, and Henry Ponciano. The Kickstarter for the third volume has just passed its first goal of $4000, with 10 days to go before it closes. You can still contribute, though, and at this point, since it’s a guaranteed project, any perk you decide to go for is essentially just a preorder now.

Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox are your hosts. Tune in for a fascinating discussion of graphic novel publishing and design and all the other projects David has in the works!

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