Fuel Rats

Today’s episode of The Event Horizon welcomes two guardians of the virtual galaxy in the popular space sim MMO Elite Dangerous. They are CMDR Captain Shenobi, and CMDR Clapton, of the player group knows as the Fuel Rats.

The Fuel Rats are an Elite: Dangerous player faction that flies the Milky Way galaxy to help players who run out of fuel on their way to wherever they’re going. If you run out of fuel in-game, your only option is to either self-destruct your ship, or wait until your emergency air supply runs out and you suffocate. Either way, you’re going to die alone in the cold, inky blackness of interstellar space.

That is, unless you call the Fuel Rats. Make the call via their web site (there’s an IRC channel link on the page), and tell them what system you’re in and what astronomical body you’re near, shut down all your power systems except your power plant and life support, and wait. Within minutes, a heavy fighter or explorer ship will pull up along side, a fuel limpet will attach to your fuel port, and you’re good to go. Another pilot saved, thanks to the heroic Fuel Rats!

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Then they’ll teach you what you need to know to avoid this embarrassing situation happening to you again. Most players who need the Fuel Rats are beginners, and these volunteers help new players learn the complexities of fuel management — and basic survival skills.

The episode airs this afternoon at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern, and again on Sunday at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern, and then again on the following Thursday and Saturday mornings at 4 AM Pacific / 7 AM Eastern.

Once all the airtimes have past, Patreon supporters will get to hear the episode here as a special post via the SCIFI.radio Patreon campaign, then it will finally be released to iTunes and Stitcher for download as a podcast.

Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox host, this time with guest host Charles Raven.

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