Brian Michael Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis, one of the most recognizable name writers for Marvel Comics and one of the strongest powerhouse writers in the industry has now signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics.

He helped create Miles Morales, Jessica Jones and Riri Williams. He’s spent years writing those characters, along with other more prominent ones like Iron Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Daredevil, Spider-Man and a lot more.

The surprise announcement came through this morning on DC Comic’s Twitter feed, confirming not just that Bendis was now writing for the publisher, but had also signed an exclusivity deal with DC, effectively terminating Bendis’ ongoing and involved relationship with Marvel.

Bendis himself wanted to make sure everybody understood this wasn’t a misstep or a hoax, and tweeted confirmation in his own feed:

While Bendis will now get a chance to work his magic with a whole pantheon of characters from the DC stable, the bigger news is obviously that Marvel is now basically sucking wind, having lost one of their most powerful voices. DC wants to make sure he stays hitched, too. An exclusive contract usually comes with a pretty big monetary incentive.

For more news on Bendis’ move to DC Comics, watch this space. We’ll keep you up to date.



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