Today’s Video of the Day is a departure from our usual high energy, rocket-fueled selections. It’s a tune called Calling, by independent artist Treasure the Magpie. She’s better known to her friends as Briauhnna Colette La Trouvere, and against the odds stacked up against all independent artists. makes her entire living from her music. She makes her music simply, using only her ukelele, and the impressive sweet articulation of her own voice.

This tune, which borrows heavily from Celtic tradition, is an original composition. Take a moment to unwind the overtight clockspring of your day and listen.

Briauhnna Colette la Trouvere, "Treasure the Magpie"

Briauhnna Colette la Trouvere

Every musician has a unique origin story, and Briauhnna is no exception. She got her start in the Society for Creative Anachronism, as a bard, a singer of stories. Hundreds of years ago, bards were your social media, your newspaper and your historians all wrapped up into one. They were very highly respected, and were often the only way people got the news of what was happening in the world around them. They would travel from town to town, exchanging their stories and music for their living wage, or for room and board.

The SCA is one of the modern outlets for bards in modern times, and these musicians and storytellers still form a part of our artistic legacy, and Briauhnna is doing her part to keep the tradition alive by singing songs both ancient and new, and by adding her own original ones to the texture and fabric of the human aesthetic.

If you would like to participate in the sustenance of the bardic arts, you can do so by visiting her Patreon page and agreeing to donate a few dollars for each thing she makes, you’ll be helping keep one important flame in the world of fandom alight.  Tell her sent you when you do. She needs to know people are out there trying to help.


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