Following two intense two-parters, Star Wars Rebels returns on Monday, October 30, with two back-to-back adventures.

In Occupation, according to the official synopsis from Lucasfilm, “Ezra and the Ghost crew are called back to Lothal when a new Imperial threat rises.”

This is followed by Flight of the Defender, in which, “Ezra and Sabine steal an Imperial prototype TIE fighter but must rely on some unexpected help to escape from Thrawn.”

During Season One, when the crew rarely left Lothal, I was really eager for the show to get away from that planet and broaden its scope, so it’s odd to say this, but I am very excited to get back to Lothal, even if (and maybe because) it won’t be the place we remember.

The Occupation preview at the end of the most recent episode of Rebels Recon, the irreverently informative recap show on the official Star Wars YouTube channel, showed the crew approaching the planet aboard the Broken Horn, flagship of the gangster Cikatro Vizago’s syndicate of the same name. Ezra is shaken by his homeworld’s drastic change of appearance as seen from orbit, and Vizago warns him, “Your home isn’t exactly the place you remember, kid.” If this doesn’t show that Lothal hasn’t fared well since its native Padawan last visited the world in last season’s An Inside Man, the fact that a large portion of the planet is literally on fire, as visible from space, should do it.

Ezra’s conversation with Mon Mothma during and after the briefing in In the Name of the Rebellion, Part One portends some tensions between the young lieutenant commander and his superiors. Ezra clearly is still very much attached to his home, and may not be able to set that aside to do what is best for the galaxy as a whole.

Occupation and Flight of the Defender will be available on Monday, October 30th at 9pm ET/PT on Disney XD and the DisneyNow App.


Ryan Miorelli
Ryan Miorelli