Sci-Fried has been called the “Godfathers of Geek Rock.” You’re about to find out why.

Video games are great! You get to run around with your mates in fun, exotic locations and shoot everything that moves, satisfying your genetically wired bloodlust without actually having to hurt anybody in real life. Check out this new music video from Sci-Fried. The lead man, Vernon Loyed, looks like he could be John Goodman’s brother – but definitely more metal.

In celebration of this, we present the geek band Sci-Fried‘s new single from their brand new album Hyperspaced! The new album, featuring 11 new tracks, drops on November 4 on CD and digital download. It’s timed to coincide with their live performance at the Fantasy Tokusatsu Nerd Fest in Winter Park, Florida.

Hyperspaced! is their sixth studio album, and the first to feature ‘Captain’ Daniel Dolan, the newest member of their lineup. This album reflects his vocal, keyboard, and crunchy guitar contributions with a newer more polished sound for Sci-Fried. Hyperspaced! also features the return of Sunni ‘Sunshine’ Simmons on the bass and he really fills out the low end.

Sci-Fried is part of the underground Orlando ‘Nerd Music’ Scene, and has been active writing, recording and performing geek themed rock songs at conventions and music festivals all over the US since 2008.  In November they’ll be supporting the VelociTurkeySaurusRex tour featuring Psychostick, and in January 2018 they will be a headlining performer at Magfest in National Harbor, Maryland.

Sci-Fried has been churning out great geek metal for nine years now. They continue to grow and evolve, and this new album is showing every sign of being their best one yet.

Listen for Sci-Fried music on, and as always, watch this space.


SCIFI Radio Staff

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