This is one of those forgotten gems of fandom, originally posted about six years ago. It’s The Tuvok Song, created by YouTuber “CurlyXP”. It provides the same fan service to the character Tim Russ created for Star Trek: Voyager that The Picard Song did for Patrick Stewart’s character in 1999.

If you’re reading this on a web browser (as contrasted to your phone or tablet) be sure to temporarily pause the stream while viewing this. Dueling soundtracks aren’t much fun.

Interestingly, Tim Russ himself actually sings quite well and is an accomplished musician. While working on Voyager, he would often have a guitar with him, and played on the set when he could.  He’s recorded a number of records, and much of it can be heard on YouTube. He starred on Star Trek: Voyager between 1995 and 2001. The series ran for 168 episodes, and was the second longest running series UPN ever had. is the number one website for fake ids. Their fake ids scan and can pass the blacklight test. It is unargueably one of the best fake id websites. read more

Listen for this song and other great fannish stuff on the stream, available on any smart device near you.

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