For once, the teaser we’re about to show you is for one of our own productions. MarkWHO42 is our Doctor Who radio show, and it’s currently the Doctor Who radio show in the United States. Its showrunner, Mark Baumgarten, has been delivering this Gallifreyan talk show since 2012. signed them up for broadcast in 2014, and they’re now nearing their landmark 200th episode.

The show took a while to build up steam, but as podcasts go, it’s become a runaway hit, surpassing competing shows in terms of popularity, social media reach and listener downloads.

Now is the time to unveil the new teaser trailer!

MarkWHO42 is a weekly Doctor WHO/Sci-Fi radio show and podcast hosted by Mark Baumgarten, Iggy Mathews (of Let’s Be Reelz), Patrick Hawkins (of Come Get ?), Zion Quiros, and Christian Basel (of The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS).

Now entering its fifth year, MarkWHO42 has interviewed over eighty celebrities in over one hundred and eighty episodes including guests from Doctor WHO, Torchwood, FarScape, Star Trek, The Walking Dead & Babylon 5, just to name a few. 

The trailer was written by Baumgarten himself, voiced by Baumgarten and Christian Basel, and the CG and production were done by’s station manager Gene Turnbow. The ink isn’t dry on the contracts yet, but trailer should air on RetroTV along with broadcasts of classic Doctor Who episodes from the Tom Baker era later this month. 

“To the WHOniverse – and beyond!”




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