Today’s cinematic confection comes to us courtesy of writer/director Karen McCarthy. It’s a steampunk love story, Love in the Age of Steam.

A steampunk tinkerer named Ashley has lost her husband to the vagaries of a transdimensional experiment gone horribly wrong. The Spectral Chronomulator was supposed to transmit a human traveler to another time, another dimension. Its inventor, Justin, exhibited the same hubris as many steampunk inventors and tried the device on himself. Ashley has spent nearly everything she has buying parts to repair the machine that could bring her husband home.

Karen McCarthy herself is one of the surprising creative powerhouses of the geeking world.

A professional voice artist, she started her career in the Entertainment Industry at the age of fifteen in San Jose California, where she took a vocational course that included producing the cable Magazine show “Video Currents.”

Writer / Director / Producer Karen McCarthy

While putting herself through college at Pepperdine University she won awards from the California Intercollegiate Press Association, created some stop motion animated pieces, was a disc jockey for the campus radio station KMBU, worked as a stagehand at Smother’s Theatre for touring companies like the Seattle Repertory and the Oakland Ballet, and even directed her first successful one act play entitled “Box and Cox.” (Phew.)

Over the years Karen has done Edit and Telecine Assist for TV shows and movies like A Different World and Titanic, and she was a DRS artist for several first run Movies such as Thirty Minutes or Less, Tropic Thunder and Gone Baby Gone. She’s written, edited, directed or produced a number of other projects as well, including a music video for jazz musician Peter White, and was even on the video crew for the Anasari X-Prize that documented the first manned private space flight.

Love in the Age of Steam stars Genevieve Levin and Kiki Valenzuela, and also features Shawn Crosby, Charley Charney Cohen, Nathan Seekerman, and Bernie Bregman.

Shawn Crosby, by the way, is the same Shawn “Obi-Shawn” Crosby who hosts the live morning music program, Good Morning, Tatooine! And, if you look quick in the credits, you’ll see Gene Turnbow as one of the two Boom Mic Operators. Gene is one of the founders of and its station manager. It is, indeed, a small world.


We hope you enjoy today’s charming selection.


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