We’ve been waiting for decades. The Justice League trailer, for the actual “oh yes, this is happening” trailer is finally ready, and you can watch it right here. If you’re on the SCIFI.radio web site on a desktop browser, pause the radio stream while you watch.

They’ve done an excellent job of pulling the franchise’s nose up. There’s humor, there’s personality, there’s pathos, even some romance, and of course lots of action. This is also the first hint of any visuals of Henry Cavill, though even now he appears in what seems to be a flashback sequence, dreamt by Lois Lane (Amy Adams). They sure talk about Superman a lot, though. We see the London Bridge draped in a massive funerary display for the Man of Steel. Ben Affleck’s Batman speaks of Superman:

Divided, we are not enough. The world needs Superman. I made him a promise. It’s why I’ve brought you together.

The team rallies around what Superman stood for, and despite being a team of individuals who don’t really know each other, they stand ready to defend the world anyway. This will be interesting – a speedster who isn’t used to having friends, let alone being part of a team; a woman who has recently discovered that she is, in fact, a goddess with all that implies; a man whose dedication, spirit and training put him on an even footing with others who are augmented over the human norm; a king of an ancient parallel civilization with mastery over the sea; a man who is the definition of augmentation, being about 80% exotic war machine.

Superman, even in death, casts a very long shadow.  The world will need him, and reasonably, if it’s the Justice League, then he has to reappear. The vast armies of Apocalyps are arriving on Earth for a massive invasion, but Bruce Wayne is convinced that that’s just the beginning, that there is something far worse underlying it all, something much darker.

In the comic books, Superman wore the black suit in the Death of Superman storyline, after having been killed by Doomsday. The Justice League movie sort of blends several DC Comics universe themes together, enabling them to utilize the black Kryptonian suit. This image is from the Mattel product catalog.

Rumors are that we will see Henry Cavill in the black suit, and we know it’s going to happen because the Toy Fair images of the Cavill Superman action figure sport the suit. We may not see any trailers with the black suit in it until after the film is released. That part of the story line is likely one of the great plot twists, so it makes sense that we’re not seeing any of that so far.

Justice League stars Henry Cavill, Ben Afflec, Gal Gadot, Jason Mamoa, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher in the hero’s roles. Also back for more are Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Robin Wright as Antiope, Connie Nelson as Queen Hyppolyta, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.

The new film will be large, packed full of action, really really complicated, and will probably have more plot than screen time will allow. The film will very likely be difficult to follow because so much will have to be compressed into an approximate 120 minute run time. Thankfully there can be a director’s cut for the Blu-Ray release that will fill in the missing parts that will make the film make more sense later, but we hope that they take a cue from what happened with Batman v Superman and don’t try to just jam everything in and make it fit even if they have to break a few things to do it.

Justice League premieres in the U.S. on November 17th.



SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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