The Pygmalion myth takes an interesting turn in this new science fiction short subject directed by Patrick Ryder. The film examines what it truly means to be human.

As tech and full-on science fiction as this film looks, it’s a character piece, so a lot of the story is actually character arc. In Human, an experimental android is abandoned in a warehouse. He’s discovered by Anna, a woman lost and alone and wrapped up in her own troubles. She works out how to activate the ‘bot, and the relationship they form redefines them both.

Allium the robot is play by Alex Phillips and voiced by Mitch Rouse. Anna, the girl who discovers him, is played by Leila Kotori. The robot’s inventor Mari is portrayed by Nadia Lamin. Patrick Ryder and Christine Barber-Ryder.

The suit, built by Alex Phillips is pretty amazing, and is one of the most detailed and visually interesting robot suits we’ve ever seen.

Humans runs on the long side as short subjects go, so be prepared to spend half an hour watching it.


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