The Screen Team is back with another great parody song, this time about everybody’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In this one, a Spider-fan gets caught up in the moment and believes that somehow he’s accidentally gained Spider powers. He hasn’t, and the real Spider-Man has to continually save his fanboy knockoff backside.

Chad Michael plays the “dad bod” fan boy who coasts on Spider-Man’s reputation. Angie Griffin plays not only MaryJane Smith but a gender-bent version of the Vulture, and the “real” Spider-Man is convincingly played by Christian Bavuso.

The effects in Screen Team videos is usually just good enough to get by – after all, the point is the music, and having fun. But this time the effects were very good indeed, and astonishing in places.

Everything the Screen Team does is lighthearted fun. While their music has been well written and produced and easily worthy of airplay on, this time we can’t help but notice how much better they’ve gotten at what they do. They have managed to capture the atmosphere of comic books in the new video, and it’s so well done that we could easily see them attempting a longer form production and making it work. Perhaps an entire superhero musical?

You can hear this cut on in our daily rotation if you tune in. You can also buy this cut and have it for your very own from the iTunes Store. You can also go to their YouTube channel and subscribe.

Temporarily turn off the stream before you listen, and enjoy the music video. We did.

(Oh, and stay to the end for a humorous interpretation of Captain America and those awful high school health education videos.)


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