We found out that Jodie Whittaker is going to be the 13th actor to play the role of the Doctor in the BBC’s popular sci-fi series Doctor Who just four weeks ago. And ever since, we’d had questions. What will she wear? How will she react to suddenly being female after all this time? Will her enemies take her seriously?

Leigh Lahav to the rescue – she makes animated parodies, and this time she’s made one that addresses at least a few of these sorts of issues the new Doctor is likely to encounter. You’ve got to see this.

She has a whole team of creatives who work with her to make these things, so it’s not just one woman going insane for a month each time one of these comes out. She and Oren Mendez lead the team. The backgrounds for this video are by Audrey Molinatti and Adi Elkin, the character design is by Aviv Or, and Brad Ruwe did the compositing.

If you want Leigh and her team to keep making these things, you could always stop by and pledge a little offering at her Patreon page.

Here are other places you can find her and her work:

Oh, yes, and we laughed at every joke. It’s brilliant. Watch through to the end.



SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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