We’re the world’s only full time sci-fi, geek culture radio station, so when we found out that The Velveteen Band had a new album out, it immediately got our attention. The album is called What’s on the Other Side?, and the Kickstarter for that is running as we speak.

Here’s the official music video for one of the cuts from the new album. It’s called Holiday. It’s very loosely based on Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, and it features the Velveteen bands signature Muppety characters acting and singing the story line.  

They call themselves a steampunk band, and they’re a theatrical music group fronted by two puppets and a six foot rabbit. Far from leaning on their gimmicks, though, The Velveteen Band is one of the tightest and most creatively sophisticated bands out there, and the fact that they were spawned in the Geeking World makes it all the more shiny.

The Kickstarter for their second album is doing very very well so far, at 200% of their starting goal. They won’t finish the album until the campaign wraps, but with 15 days to go as of this writing,  it’s pretty obvious that they’re going places with it. You can get a digital download for contributing as little as $5.

And yes, we play Holiday on SCIFI.radio, and yes, when the new album comes out, we’ll be playing every cut from it. Listen to this tune, then go to the Kickstarter and give them some love.



SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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