In its ever-expanding quest to become the world’s most connected radio station on the planet, SCIFI.radio unveils its latest cool new way to tune in: Facebook itself.

SCIFI.radio has been in Facebook a long time, and has nearly 6,400 fans on that service at this writing. The new Facebook SCIFI.radio tuner page went online at 12:01PM Pacific Time on June 29, 2017, and is available for anyone who wants to listen without having to leave Facebook to do it. There’s even a chat room you can use to talk directly to DJ’s during live shows.

Almost fully listener supported, SCIFI.radio has been around since 2009, treating fans in over 165 countries to a round-the-clock stream of geeky music, radio shows and adventure serials. SCIFI.radio has had its share of imitators, but it’s by far the largest, oldest and best established of any internet radio station in this genre in the world. The station was founded by Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox, who have combined entertainment industry experience of more than 60 years between them. Keeping all running depends on a dedicated team of wunderkind, including writers, performers, designers, programmers and digital artists of all sorts.

This is the third significant technology outreach for SCIFI.radio in as many months. Recently, the station was added to both the Google Home and Alexa Echo home automation systems as an available feature. Just say “Okay, Google” or “Alexa”, and then “play SCIFI.radio” to hear the station loud and strong. The geeky center of radio operations on the ‘net is already on more than two dozen other services, including iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn, as well as having apps for every smart mobile device made.

As significant an achievement as SCIFI.radio already is, it’s meant to be just the first segment in a continous transmedia geek cultural experience ranging from radio to video to computer games, virtual reality and live theater events. The new Facebook service was launched in preparation for a new crowdfunding campaign effort meant to increase the station’s monthly operating capital so that the exciting plans for the future can be made into reality.

SCIFI.radio – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wifi!







SCIFI.radio is listener supported sci-fi geek culture radio, and operates almost exclusively via the generous contributions of our fans via our Patreon campaign. If you like, you can also use our tip jar and send us a little something to help support the many fine creatives that make this station possible.

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