Earlier this week, the brand launched its NASA-inspired prefall capsule, aptly named “Coach Space.” The line features planet-adorned bags, NASA-themed accessories, along with shirts, sweaters, and jackets that would make the perfect uniform for an interstellar adventure. One pair of metallic high-top sneakers, in particular, are practically begging to be moonwalked in, and retro patches with phrases like “I believe” and “We Come in Peace” give the collection an optimistic feel we’re very much into. There are also plenty of adorable Rexy the Dino — AKA Coach’s unofficial mascot — motifs, complete with an astronaut helmet and jetpack.

Go to the Coach website, to see the rest of the line. It was inspired by “American dreamers and explorers who believe that anything is possible.” The vintage motifs set on contemporary designs, offer a retro futurism vibe.

Be prepared for a serious, serious case of sticker shock, though. That leather backpack? $795. The blue tote? That’s $895. Without the sales tax. Think of the custom cosplay work you could get for that. Kit yourself out with a few items from this selection, and you can kiss that Hawaii vacation goodbye.

There are some great ideas there for anyone who wants to make stuff like this themselves, or pay your friendly neighborhood expert costumer to do it, but the average geek may have to pass.

The more interesting take-away here is that being a geek is now chic. Take solace – we are now what the elite set strives to be, and with their desire comes affluence and influence. The Geeks inherit the Earth.




SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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