Gal Gadot is pictured here in her fighting togs and Greek footware that is more or less historically accurate to the period. The woman immediately to Gadot’s right is presumably Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother.

By way of celebration of the new female led and directed Wonder Woman movie, the Alamo Drafthouse theater offered women-only screenings. When mysogenists threatened a boycott of the film – and the theater – and the city of Austin – the theater did the only reasonable thing: they added more women-only screenings.

Apparently this was too much for a Mr. Richard A. Ameduri , who was so concerned that Wonder Woman represented the End of the World as We Know It that on May 26, 2017, he wrote the Mayor of the City of Austin, Texas an email. Here is that email:

I hope every man will boycott Austin and do what he can to diminish Austin and to cause damage to the city’s image. The theater that pandered to the sexism typical of women will, I hope, regret it’s decision. The notion of a woman hero is a fine example of women’s eagerness to accept the appearance of achievement without actual achievement. Women learn from an early age to value make-up, that it’s OK to pretend that you are greater than you actually are. Women pretend they do not know that only men serve in combat because they are content to have an easier ride. Women gladly accept gold medals at the Olympics for coming in 10th and competing only against the second class of athletes. Name something invented by a woman! Achievements by the second rate gender pale in comparison to virtually everything great in human history was accomplished by men, not women. If Austin does not host a men only counter event, I will never visit Austin and will welcome it’s deteriorati on. And I will not forget that Austin is best known for Charles Whitman. Does Austin stand for gender equality or for kissing up to women? Don’t bother to respond. I already know the answer. I do not hate women. I hate their rampant hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of the “women’s movement.” Women do not want gender equality; they want more for women. Don’t bother to respond because I am sure your cowardice will generate nothing worth reading.

Richard A. Ameduri

Ameduri apparently somehow knew that he was on shaky, indefensible ground, since he asked the Mayor not to bother responding. However, respond he did. Mayor Steve Adler sent this back:

Dear Mr. Ameduri,

I am writing to alert you that your email account has been hacked by an unfortunate and unusually hostile individual. Please remedy your account’s security right away, lest this person’s uninformed and sexist rantings give you a bad name. After all, we men have to look out for each other!

Can you imagine if someone thought that you didn’t know women could serve in our combat units now without exclusion? What if someone thought you didn’t know that women invented medical syringes, life rafts, fire escapes, central and solar heating, a war-time communications system for radio-controlling torpedoes that laid the technological foundations for everything from Wi-Fi to GPS, and beer? And I hesitate to imagine how embarrassed you’d be if someone thought you were upset that a private business was realizing a business opportunity by reserving one screening this weekend for women to see a superhero movie.

You and I are serious men of substance with little time for the delicate sensitivities displayed by the pitiful creature who maligned your good name and sterling character by writing that abysmal email.  I trust the news that your email account has been hacked does not cause you undue alarm and wish you well in securing your account. And in the future, should your travels take you to Austin, please know that everyone is welcome here, even people like those who wrote that email whose views are an embarrassment to modernity, decency, and common sense.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Adler

So of course some other poor slob who just doesn’t get it filed a civil rights complaint against the Alamo theaters in the City of New York for being refused a ticket to the women-only screening because of his gender.  He thinks he’s got a case. Apparently it’s disgraced alt-right blogger who just lost his position at a right-wing Canadian web site for pushing debunked wackadoo conspiracy theories. The Twitterverse was not kind to Mr. Posobiec.

We’ll see what happens. Today is June 2, the day Wonder Woman makes its debut. The movie stars Gal Gadot and Christopher Pine, and is directed by Patty Jenkins.

Check back here tomorrow for a review of the film.


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