Jared Martin died Wednesday, May 24 in Philadelphia at the age of 75.   His family confirmed he died at home, of pancreatic cancer.  Martin starred in The Fantastic Journey in 1977 as Varian and in War of the Worlds in 1988 as Harrison Blackwood.  He also played Dusty Farlow in Dallas from 1979 to 1991.

Jared Martin (1941 -2017) shown on the right, starred as Varian in FANTASTIC JOURNEY.

Fantastic Journey cast [photo by Herb Ball; image via mptvimages.com]

Jared Martin was more than just an actor.  He had three separate careers in the world of art and entertainment.  From 1968 to 1994, he was an actor.  From 1994 to 2010, he was a director, producer, and film making instructor.  He co-founded the Big Picture Alliance (BPA), a non-profit media arts education organization, with Jeffrey Seder. Martin spent fifteen years as creative director of the BPA “supervising over 2000 students and producing over 250 student films. He personally directed 30 films, garnering awards from Cine Eagle, Intercom, and the Chicago International Film Festival.”  He taught acting classes at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  In 2010, after retiring from his responsibilities with the BPA, Martin turned to photography. He published  two photo-journal books, Letter From Zibo in 2010 and  Dazhengzhao – a 1000 Year Old Village.  Both books are based on his travels in China, where he met his third wife.

Jared Martin’s first professional film role was in Murder à la Mod, directed and written by his college roommate Brian de Palma. He appeared in many school and off-Broadway plays, including Joseph Papp’s Shakespeare in the Park program.  Like many actors, his first TV role was in a soap opera, playing Dr. Donald Lamarr on One Life to Live.  He made frequent guest appearances on shows such as The Partridge Family, The Bold Ones, Night Gallery, Cannon, and Columbo before being hired as the star of The Fantastic Journey.  He also appeared in several movies, including Westworld, Mississippi Summer, The Second Coming of Suzanne, and Men of the Dragon.

Jared Martin starred as Varian, the leader of the time-lost castaways in The Fantastic Journey.  He was a healer and musician from the year 2230.  Unfortunately, The Fantastic Journey only lasted ten episodes.  After some more live theater and guest work on shows such as Logan’s Run, Six Million Dollar Man, and Project UFO, Martin played gunslinger Frank Grayson on How the West Was Won for five episodes of its third season.  In 1979 he became Stephen “Dusty” Farlow on Dallas, a role he played for 34 episodes from 1979 to 1985, plus reprising in 1991.  From 1998 to 1990 Martin portrayed Dr. Harrison Blackwood on War of the Worlds.

Jared Martin was born December 21, 1941, in New York City.  Both of his parents, Charles and Florence Martin, were artists.  They encouraged him to join a children’s theater program when he was ten.  The thespian bug bit him hard and never let go. He attended Columbia University and was active in their theater program.  He was active in TV and legitimate theater.  He also appeared in a few movies, such as The Sea Serpent and Quiet Cool, but he is far better known for his TV work.  Martin was married three times, with his first two marriages ending in divorce.  He is survived by his third wife, Chinese dancer Yu Wei, his son Christian Martin, his daughter-in-law Liz Cole, and two grandchildren, Charles and Emilia.

Too doe nakotae, Jared Martin.


Susan Macdonald

Susan Macdonald

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