It’s finally here. After months of false starts, delayed release dates and reports of chaos in the production offices, CBS has finally released a trailer for Star Trek: Discovery. It is slick. It is exciting. It certainly seems to be Star Trek of some kind.  Here, at long last, is that trailer.

(Pause our music stream using the control above before watching – if the trailer won’t play for you because you’re not in the United States, there’s another version at the bottom of this article that will):

The new show apparently discards canon right and left, essentially wiping the slate clean and starting fresh. Is this a good idea?  It certainly does free CBS from the shackles of prior canon, allowing them unprecedented room to maneuver. The production values are clearly in place, and the trailer hints at deeper story lines than had previously been proposed.

This trailer appears to show the beginning of the conflict with the Klingons – and we had to watch this a couple of times before we finally realized that the aliens depicted were, in fact, the same Klingons in dainty little fishbone waistcoats we reported on last February. Admittedly, the way they are depicted makes them seem far more alien and threatening. Since we’ve been essentially raised on the idea of Klingons looking a certain way, it’s reasonable that they had to really push the envelope with the appearance of the Klingons to make them seem really really different. You can get used to practically anything if you see the same thing enough, so perhaps a radical departure was appropriate.

New is the announcement that there will be fifteen episodes in the first season, as contrasted to the traditional thirteen.

CBS has also announced that there will be an “after show”, called Talking Trek. The CBS All Access series arrives this fall (however, even after all this, there is still no release date, nor are there announcements for who the cast of the aftershow is).

We’re pretty sure the after show has nothing to do with these guys, who accidentally stumbled onto the name of the show without knowing that CBS wanted that title for themselves. Their domain is now gone, and only a cached page remains of their efforts. No fan page can stand against the CBS juggernaut. Better luck next  time, fellas.

Can’t see the trailer because you’re outside the United States?  Here’s a somewhat lower resolution version, but at least you’ll be able to watch it. You’re welcome.



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